Our Mission

Our goal is to provide social game players a better insight of what avis are like. This is a place outside the games where you aren't bound by rules and censorship that the worst avis seem to hide behind. We have minimal rules that a decent person doesn't need to know because they will never break them. The rest will find out the hard way.

The main idea is to be a tool for finding histories and reviews of avis by the avis they encounter. Stop being suckered by idiots because they are nice for two days....check their history and reviews to make an informed decision.

Most importantly we want to expose the bad avis...the creeps...the multi avis....the asses.....the perverts...the idiots that get off on making trouble for others. You may have already been stung so rate them and prevent the next avi from becoming a victim.

We also encourage you to give the many great avis the praise they deserve.

100% Anonymous

No one knows what you do here unless you want them to know. We only need your avi name and a password.
We do not use tracking cookies.
The drama avis that don't want you here will tell you otherwise but as always they only say it. They can't show it.


There is nothing controversial here.
It's just a rating system like the millions of other rating systems on the internet. The drama people make a huge stink about us so people won't come and see what they are really like.

You need to remember that avis that are rated and commented poorly have earned it in one way or another.
Look at some of the bad avis that have tried to lie in our site. That's what they do. Don't let them lie to you.