Alerts and Warnings

Extreme Childish Player Warning

This character is rude, mean and disrespectful. Another creep that will make your vw stay less enjoyable.

This avi is ....
--lone wolf1

The pictures in his window say it all.

Block before talk.

New Avi For Banned Racist

This avi is formerly known as BADNLADYSJAYWOLF. Banned by vw and now has returned.

A very vulgar player and extremely racist. There are still people that defend his actions and these people are as guilty as him for condoning it. No wonder vw is such a hard place to have fun.

This avi is ....
--jasonv from the badwolf family.

The pictures in his window say it all.

This kind of player will leave you with a bad game experience. Avoid at all cost.

Extreme Drama Family Warning

Update... BADNLADYSJAYWOLF and XHEAVYMACHINERYX have reportedly been banned from vw. We really hope that all the players that defended him will OPEN THEIR EYES NOW.
Please report his new name when he comes back... they all come back.

Due to the amount of photo evidence and comments on these family members windows, we had to add this warning.
There has been drama with this family for a long time and is continually escalating. Multi avis, racists, bullies, drama... this family has it all.

You may not be drama but when you get involved with any drama family it's highly likely you will end up partaking in the family drama. When you get out of a drama family, voluntarily or not, you will be bullied by them.

BadWolf Family main avis....
--Window made for all of the above
--Forum Posts to Read

Reported family names that partake in family drama.
--sierra 5
--lsa and Isa
--jessee james (Banned a few times. Previously named Rusty)

We are starting with the main members, if you have more names of the family members that have been shown to be part of the family drama please message us the names.

We suggest that you stay far away from this bunch.

Extreme Racist Warning

Update... This player has been banned. We like to think we played a small part in this.

We have been informed by concerned players about a real racist.
First I need to say how disappointing vw has been in this situation. We haven't done a thing against vw since we started but they censor us and ban any avi of ours that they find. I guess they are so busy chasing us that these serious racist people can get away with anything.

This avi is ....
--BADNLADYSJAYWOLF from the badwolf family.

The pictures in his window say it all.

We suggest copying the pictures from the window and writing an email to Adam in vw. These kind of people shouldn't be allowed in vw. Any of their avis.

Extreme Drama Warning

We have decided to put out an advisory about this avi and his relentless drama causing activities around the site. Based on how this avi acts here, we suggest that you not disagree with him in vw. Better yet, just walk away from him and don't look back.

This avi is known as ....
--Mr Breezy1 Mendz
or more recently
--Mr Breezy Wabbit

You can read for yourself how relentless this avi is.

Starting here: Click here to read the beginning.
You can also skip ahead: Click here to skip ahead
For even more: Click here for more

Spread the word so others are warned.

Extreme Multi Avi Warning

Update... Now known as BrentLovesSlotte and SlotteLovesBrent.

It has been brought to our attention by the culprits themselves that they have an army of multi avis that they are using. They say they don't use them for being social but our investigation proves otherwise.

There have been many reports about these main avis and their army.

The main avis ....
--Slottettes Brent
--Brents Slottette
If you encounter these avis please do not try to friend them. Walk away slowly and ignore all words they say.

Some of their many multiples...
Keep in mind that there are many more than listed here. These names were discovered from an extensive investigation by us and a vw worker that's on the inside.

agent starling
buffalo bill3
jack crawford
bloody mary
queen of vip
avery goodman
jersey devil
r u blind
max bet3
swine fornicater
ima ditz
psycho clown
bone collector
el cheapo
boy toy
its a push
mental health
jacked up
I am
justin love
tina colada
dizzy chic
miss issippi
ken tucky
ameila airheart
dirty gerty
ms ida ho
bri 2

Read their own words in the forum. Feel free to add a post to the discussion. Click here to read forum.

Spread the word so they can't harrass anymore avis.