Journey's window --fun read

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Journey's window --fun read

Post by Stalkalot » Sun May 19, 2019 4:05 am

Stalkalot moved certain posts from Journey's window. Posted here in conversational order. Top to bottom.

It all starts with one bad comment.....then a friendship emerges.

SWEET! My 1st comment. : ) But only ""All That""? Not even All That and a bag of chips? mmm chips, wait, I prefer Funyums. Can I be All That And A Bag Of Funyuns? And may I have that HUGE list of men? I only have 3 written in my diary, so would love to meet the others. ;) But hey, can't blame me for being a wanted woman. Must be the warts, hump back, Tata's I shove down in my granny panties and my sexy Cankles.And I'm not trustworthy? You can always trust I'll turn crud into a funny.;) Tks for playing, Hugs, J

Love the humor. Too bad more people can't laugh off the haters.

Thank you so much, I truly appreciate it. I do have a huge confession to make though. I left off my greatest attribute to getting all the boys to my yard. Its my support hose that I only wash twice a year. Dang, my competition will be fierce now, because we all know how terribly hard it is to find men to sext on vw. :(( ;

you must be on the wrong side of the vw tracks. on the low class side i'm beating the guys off. lol maybe i should word that different

haha you're way too funny to be on the low class side. ;) I'm so far on the bad side of the tracks, I have to take a bus to get to them. :O

I use the bust to get them. vw issue double d

Oh I got the vw DLB D's, but they inverted them and they poke out my back! Grrrr

The creepies in vw still perv whisper no matter where you put your boobs. Maybe they just want to see how well we type.

OMG you have to let me know who you are... you're my kind of peep, a fellow warped humor girl. ;) Give me a I know you? : )
And as you can typing sucks, so maybe all the perves will leave me alone now.

I would of been here earlier but the armed guards said you are claimed and they searched me . What a girl has to do to comment these days shhheeesh.
ps.... I'm the girl with an 'e' in her name.

Ahhh, let me go search for all names with an E.. might take me awhile. Grrrrr :P p.s. I claimed cause they had taken off all the best posts, made no only 1 is butchered. Oh & ur welcome for the free all over body search. ;)

no no no I said e not E . You should check again.
But it's ok.... we all make mistakes
ps. it wasn't free-- he told me it was a massage and charged me.

Hmmm more clues to who you are. e in your name and you are so naive you paid my guard to feel you up. Wont be long now.. I'm on your trail. ;)

He didn't even do a good job. Seemed like it was all foreplay.
If you buy another vowel it will most likely be an ' a ' and as a bonus---- our last letters are the same shape. :)
Would you like to solve now?

Can we please combine the wheel with What's My Line? Are you on my friend list?..... BTW, what's wrong with foreplay? :P J

No, you are not my friend. Well, in the list sense. I read those first couple comments and just had to get in on the action. You turned out to be better than that first post had me convinced lol
Where are you at in the problem solving. Hint: my name is 2 words. Total 10 letters. Along with the other hints you should have this easy now... right?

You Are An Evil Genius! You could have slammed me and I'd laugh it off..noooo you drive me batty with clues! LOL So many variables in your clues. I found 1 name that works, but has an N between the 2 names... does Mz, Mrs Miss etc count? They're not names, but titles. Grrr I'm a true crime buff and murders are easier to solve. Are you on the list here? And TYSM for hanging in here and TYSM stalkalot for not deleting, I know its not posts we're supposed to be doing. : ) J

Woot, I have a smart friend helping me now. I don't want to list names...but is the 1st one a sweet sugary treat? ;) Please have pity on me..let this end! Its consuming me, my pup wants house is a mess, I was fired for taking 2 much time off and I need a shower. :P

Oh the control. The power has gone to my head. Were those things being done before we started this? Tell the truth!
no to the titles. no to the N . Where the hell did you get an N anyway. Are you looking at someone else's papers.? There is no S either and no 45.
You would try harder if you knew what the prize is.

(hanging head in shame) welllll I feed my pup, but my nic is stinky poor dirty house lady. Lord Love A Duck, I know you're enjoying your power..I can hear you laughing from here. GRRR Papers? where are these papers you mentioned? The N was between a name, like pb N jelly. You also forgot to tell me if your name is on Stalkalot site. A prize eh? :))) I love prizes... and it better be good after what you've put me through. :P to look again. GRRRRR p.s. do you torture everyone or just me?

Ok my guesses... since I can't list names... the initials are: F-K lmbo that would be fitting :P J-J...P-J or P-L Am I warm? And why do I feel that "shaped like a Y" is a trick? ..waiting with baited breath and my hand held out for my prize : )

Ready to solve..... are you a good looking female and can you crack my code? ;) Please let me be right...I need a shower!

lol I know you had to google the answer but yes you have it if it has 2 Ts and 2 Ys .
Not bad for a rookie
That was fun. I think I will change my name to a harder one.

btw-- For the prize I am going to give you two stars instead of one. And I'm not being generous --- you earned it.

OMG I could have googled? I went through the Whole stalkalot name list! I pegged you right...ur an evil genius. grrr Awww Ty for the 2 stars...I'm lucky to have any at all according to my 1st fan. Love your humor under pics. LOL And don't you DARE change your name and do it to me again or you better send me nerve pills. hugs, rookie :P


Re: Journey's window --fun read

Post by Guest » Tue May 21, 2019 11:30 pm

Can "I play? can i? can i? I will be good


Re: Journey's window --fun read

Post by haha » Thu Nov 26, 2020 10:30 pm

haha love it

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