Major drama from Slottettes Brent`s window

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Re: Major drama from Slottettes Brent`s window

Post by Trivial » Thu Jun 06, 2019 2:00 am

A couple of up and coming vw detectives. :D

The accusations didn't happen precisely for that reason.... he would of had photos of it if he made photos of the nothing he has photos of. lol if that makes sense.

The second point is also a part of it. Because he is the multiavi Slottette had out at the time she used him to do her bidding.

Now look closer at the actual words. Not what they are saying but how it's being said. There is a also a very early pic of his that has the same form and Slottettes forum posts are full of it. It is not a common thing to do.

See if you can spot it.

I know ..... I know I'm a suspenseful character.

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Re: Major drama from Slottettes Brent`s window

Post by Trivial » Fri Jun 07, 2019 2:50 am

Notice how Slottette emphasizes her words by typing them in uppercase. You can see it clearly on the comments she leaves on jtmusiclovers window and throughout this forum topic.

Now..... there are a couple pics from Justin Love's vw profile that use the uppercase words the exact same way.

And that's not all.... can you spot the one phrase that she uses on her Justin Love avi pics and then uses in comments in this site? ... signed by her. And it's another uncommon way to use the words in that context in vw. I've never seen it used except by her avis.

Once I tell you and wrap it all up pretty.... you will have very little doubt the Slottettes are screwing with you all.


Re: Major drama from Slottettes Brent`s window

Post by Guest » Fri Jun 07, 2019 3:41 pm

Slottettes Brent wrote:
Fri May 10, 2019 9:48 pm
How would not letting people know the names of my AVIs be a bad thing? I'm only social with the one...I do not hook up... With any others AVIs never have.
The reason I have so many AVI's. We all know how hard it is to get anywhere in this game.....I get bored waiting around for my social to gain the rewards for playing... So, I create another to play while I wait.... You act as though this is Just a way to be social... I see it as both...I play my game my way … You play yours the way you wish....
I never assume others have multiples.....But the information gained from others that have been intimate with these AVIs ends up being the same information , such as what they do for a living, there pets names, where they live, their favorite color, what they look like. the fact that they do the nails of an old lady across the hall. If more than one person is hearing these same things from different AVIs. Chances are great that they are the same person... I dated one that was like this..... And I'm not saying that they look different or act different... If they did it would be much harder to pick them out.... I'm saying that I know for a fact that they have other AVIs...Next, I told you the names of the ones that cause these problems with their multiples.... Calling me out?
Busted? Doing what? Told you before I don't play that game. Backlash? I don't care what you think of me.... Say what you will. For them calling me out....What's to call out? Did you not get it.... They are calling me out.... This is my response to them.....Get it? I guess you don't. So nothing more needs to be explained to you....

The end


Re: Major drama from Slottettes Brent`s window

Post by Guest » Fri Jun 07, 2019 3:44 pm

Wow that was very well said. I am a newbie and you have given me a lot to ponder about sneaky people. ;)


Re: Major drama from Slottettes Brent`s window

Post by Guest » Sat Jun 08, 2019 11:37 pm

if you are still pondering after reading all this then you should read it again. i only needed to read 2 words and my pondering was done

secret avis

thats another way to say sneaky

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Re: Major drama from Slottettes Brent`s window

Post by Stalkalot » Tue Jun 11, 2019 3:58 am

After they were asked several times to use the forum instead of flooding the comments the Slottettes are now banned from posting comments about themselves unless they do it in here. This is a more productive place for this kind of commenting.

I have to say- I really can't imagine the drama this crew stirs up in vw

These are comments deleted from various windows.

from Lita Ford's window

Nope. The simple minded will never get it. They only think on one level . It's all about whom they can bang next. They are out there trying to paint others with their others. Why? Because they get so bored so fast. So, they become jumpers. Trying to figure out who they should hump next. I choose not to do this. I play the game. If anyone out there is humping someone and thinks it's me. Think again. My game is not played that way. You believe what you want. Lita Ford is not me.
As stated before Moron, You Dumbass ppl just don't get it . I only have 2 social Avis. Only one of them is known to most. It's ppl like you that assume way to many things. You choose not to take my word for what I say, because perhaps you are one of those that are out there doing harm to others with your others. As stated before. My game pieces are very rarely seen. Very antisocial. Most profiles are closed, Most don't have friends. I choose to do this as to not to be like you. While you are out humping everything that moves. I am playing the game. So you go ahead and bash me all you want. And just so you know and all others know. Lita Ford is not me. Look at her profile. is it open, does she have friends. Many here have others. Many with others choose to bash me. To try and out me for nothing I have done. One person has a problem with me. She chooses to make it a point to tell the whole room I have others. I could be like you and lie about it. That's not who I am, or what I'm about.
OMG!!!! We are EVERYONE now????? Give me a break!!!!
No, I never did. You just assumed this was Brent. It isn't. This is Slotte, who has EVER had ONLY ONE avi. So who is the moron now?

from jtmusiclover's window

LOL This is Slottette, NOT Brent. I have ONE avi & ONE avi ONLY! Never even changed my name except to add Brents when we married. Get...your so called...facts...right Triv
Why not have at the very least ..a clue..of what you speak...before posting Triv. You are NOT going to hate bait me back into your pathetic forum. Brents Slottette

from coldslownquiet's window

LMFAO!!!!!! ONLY IDOTS think we are all just ONE person. ROTFLMFAO!!!!!
LMFAO There is a HUGE difference between being scared and refusing to play into hate baiting. The forum posts I have seen are nothing but..hate baiting. As my husband and I have both said...We are done with the BS. Brents Slottette
Don't need too......Scared of nothing.....Pussies never sign.....You fucking pussy bitch.....Why should I ? I know how your nasty ass works..... Have known you for a while.....Nothing I say or do will change your mind about me... and I really don't care.....
Trivial, Depends on what you use them for, as stated so many times before.... I don't think it's about me, never did....It's how my game is played.... That's all it's ever been about..... You see this is why my others are never seen.....Brag? Hum.... Don't think so..... I know what I want.... and how to get it.... My game.... Has nothing to do with anybody else.... I hurt no one.....Unless I'm messed with.....I'm with one person here.....and that's never going to change..... And why should I give away my secrets.....? I'd like to know from you, how my antisocial AVIs are ruining VW?.... Why because you have a bunch of paranoid cyber jumpers running around fucking ever thing that moves?....Afraid it might be me? Sorry to disappoint you.... Not here.....Slottettes Brent
I assumed it was you, and if I am wrong. Then I apologize..... And also, I failed at nothing.....I have nothing to prove to anyone.....If they choose not to believe me..... Oh, well....As I stated before.....If you don't like me.... Leave me alone....
WOW How cynical Triv. Is that what you would be doing with others? How can they be hidden if he openly admits to them? You do not know my husband OR his character. Until you do, your comments are nothing but ignorance. And if he IS such a player and a cheat...WHY has NO one ...ever...been able to provide even ONE shred of proof?
Naïve? As I stated before.... Cold is my original AVI…. The only AVI that I am social with is Brent.... No other AV'Is I have, are hooked up with, seeing, married or are doing any other questionable things with anyone else at all.....ever!!!! Sorry to disappoint all you haters out there....Slottettes Brent..... You ppl love to hate..... Keep baiting Trivial
Yes it is. He makes ….no secret... of it. Though this is his only social one, other than his original. The others are not seen outside of the casino.
BIG DIFFERECE between scared and refusing to take part in hate baiting anymore. There are 2 posts here are being scared, so please do not delete mine again which is in response to the 2 you left here.

from Slottettes Brent's window

Why was my post removed? It was a comment on a pic that JT herself posted and lied about
Also my post about her lying about Brent having an avi named Brent. He does NOT
No,This Pic shows Jt, Jt says Brent is bothering her, Yet Jt is messing with the people in the front ,She could stand anywhere in the room, But she chooses to stand on and next to the people that she hates. wanting them to respond to the fact that she is standing there... Maybe a better word for what she is doing would be (baiting).
They say pics do not lie, but that is a lie in itself. ONE pic can say anything you want it to. Start adding..more pics...and ...the truth...starts coming out. Jt forgot to mention that she was psycho syalking and trolling us usual. You can also see from her pic...this is where Sas was also standing before Mary & I crashed....also trolling us. Ty Mary and your friend for try to protect us from the trolls
No, it is not showing my husband doing something bad. It is showing that in the 1st pic that JT tried to make look like he was bothering her was in fact him responding to JT's usual pycho stalking and trolling of us.

Holly Marie

Re: Major drama from Slottettes Brent`s window

Post by Holly Marie » Mon Jun 17, 2019 1:21 am

I am MORE then thrilled that these two have been outed! They are the worst of the worst !!! They act better than everybody else and their egos are absolutely huge ! So glad you uncovered all their avatars !!! Karma at its best !!! I am laughing and smiling all at the same time😂😂😂😂😂😂

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Re: Major drama from Slottettes Brent`s window

Post by Trivial » Tue Jun 18, 2019 12:07 am

I probably only have to say this:

If the Multettes deny having all these very social avis they had better be prepared to take my multi avi test. It is unbeatable if you are a multi avi.

And I will add this:

If the Multettes hadn't bragged about all their avis and then seriously lied about how they used them they would of been left alone.

I hope this gets them out of Stalkalot for good this time. We are not here to house creeps.

Does anyone want to know how to spot multiple avi players?


Re: Major drama from Slottettes Brent`s window

Post by guest » Tue Jun 18, 2019 4:32 am

Yes please post how to spot multiple avis for those who are nor or just want to know how to spot the telling signs of this epidemic issue

I think its the way some mulitple avis have similar physical characteristics...same way of expression .....ways of spelling or wording in lang andemails

Im fed up with the number of avis who seem to pop up all the time

I m deleting many off my list...How do they keep up is beyond me....I have one and its enough


Re: Major drama from Slottettes Brent`s window

Post by Guest » Tue Jun 18, 2019 6:21 pm

ha ha those slottettes have been running around all day trying to squirm out of these accusations but i dont see them here to prove they arent a bunch of avis like trivial says with his test. if i was all those avis i wouldnt go near trivial ever again either lolololol