Making things easier to read

Easier read than the main thread.
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Making things easier to read

Post by Stalkalot » Sat Jun 22, 2019 8:22 pm

The Slottette thread is approaching 8 pages so we decided to summarize it. Once it is ready you will find it in this thread.

If you want to read the uncut version you can go to it by clicking this link -- viewtopic.php?f=64&t=64

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Re: Making things easier to read

Post by Trivial » Mon Jun 24, 2019 11:55 pm

The culprits are Slottettes Brent , Brents Slottette and COLDSLOWNQUIET. Personally, I think it's one person and not 2 people but that's my theory brain working and not my fact brain.

It is not hard to see that the Slottettes argument for having a ton of multiple avis is:

They only use them for playing the games and none of the multis are social at all except the three main ones. It makes it right that they announce they have multis (but the names are secret)

This was the only argument they used and were very abusive and defensive when asked more about it. Countless times they trashed everyone that wanted to know why they need so many avis because nobody believed them.

For me, the names of the avis were irrelevant. I only needed to prove that they used them socially and in a harassing manner.

So I did......

If you haven't clicked the big red Multi Avi Alert button at the top of the main site you can get to it with this--
That list of names is only a fraction of the Slottettes multis.

Some of them were made only to throw us off the trail (just like I said they would do in the main thread) but unknown to them that's what helped us out the most.
The rest have been seen in hangouts. Mostly vip room and are used very socially and abusively.

They have very active friends lists and profiles made to deceive.

I just got called out for work so I will continue this whenever I can. Sorry

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Re: Making things easier to read

Post by Trivial » Wed Jun 26, 2019 5:38 pm

I made it back.

While I was absent brent was on a commenting spree which were deleted from his windows and sent to me to put in here. Some of what he commented totally contradicts his whole defense.

Here is one of his comments below. Notice that contrary to his early on comments, now he is admitting that he uses his other avis for social play. If they were only slotting how could they possibly be doing something wrong or being f'd with. And I will show proof that he has social avis in a bit.

Apologizing for what? I lied about nothing..... show me the have pics of one of mine harassing? I defend myself as anyone would....If one of mine were doing something wrong....It's because I was being fucked with.... As I stated before it matter none to me what you say now.....None of these cowards have enough balls to sign.... As far as I'm concerned ppl that don't sign , don't count... My rules...

Moving on to his next comment below. He knows blocking one of his avis still leaves him a bunch more to get you with so always saying "block me" is pretty useless. He didn't come out about his avis, supposedly it was always known but they were all secret, which isn't coming out about them.... it's instilling fear into people. He doesn't understand the fact that people will not sign because they don't want an army of multi avis harassing them forever and there is nothing wrong with not signing.... he just wants to retaliate like he does to me.

Here's one for you. Block me. Whenever I come into the VIP.I check the room. If you have me blocked, I will do the same. No questions asked. And you haters that don't know me will be safe from the big bad guy.... I've come out about my others..... I don't see anyone else doing the same.... I've explained how they are not social, as to the fact that they are not cybering, hooked up, or married to any other players.... You are the haters that choose to believe and add to the propaganda.... This started out as an admission By myself. and because hate is so engrained in most of the posters, that may have never even come across one of my AVIs. I chose not to defend myself at all. You are the mob. The ones holding the rope, pointing the gun, finger on the switch. So willing you are to climb aboard and add to the hate. Read what you do. All of the silliness. You're are so brazen in your post. But yet if you truly dislike what I do and what you think I do. Then at least have the balls to sign.

And my favorite comment he made recently below. Another red herring post that he is so famous for. Trying to take the attention away from his wrongdoing. Plus, yet again he tries using my self banning in a way that makes it sound like I did something bad. It's explained in another forum topic. Brent (and a few others) are a little slow at realizing that Stalkalot is intended for informational purposes. For reading info and leaving info. Brent turned himself into a massive target in Stalkalot... nobody was seeking him out. His ego did it all.

I do find it so laughable that most are so willing to believe things written on a site created by a person that was banned from VW….This coming from a VW insider.... The ppl that work for VW are here to help us.... The ppl that play there....And the ones that choose to bring it outside of our world.... Shame on you....Not going to lie about it...At first I myself reacted much as you are now.... The ones that picked on my friends, said bad things about them..... I choose to use this so called tool to inflict pain onto the ones that hurt the ones that I care about.... Took about 2 days before I realized that this helps nothing... You and I live together in a fucked up place...VW.It's not perfect, never was. But it is ours....Not Trivials, not Stalks...OURS....If we as the community of VW cannot get along there.We sure the hell aren't going to get along here.I chose not to come back to the forum as it does no one any good to continue any of this.

I need to get some real work accomplished but the next post will prove Brents lies with pics then we can mark him as a lying multi avi and be done with him.
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Re: Making things easier to read

Post by Trivial » Wed Jun 26, 2019 9:08 pm

Here are the pics (and one video) to show that the Slottettes do in fact use their multiple avis for social interaction contrary to what they said in the beginning. Proving them to be severe liars. This statement can not be disputed. Although they will try. *sigh*

Keep in mind that they both have many other avis. If they want to dispute this then I will really get in depth and show how we know but for now it's too long and boring.

Without further ado..... here's some visual aids:

Here's one from our own comment section submitted by a Slottette with a post talking about Bloody Mary and Queen of Vip in the third person context. Notice they are in vip room. Seems social to me.

Here's a clearer view of the names and everyone afk probably while the puppet masters are controlling avis somewhere else.

Next two pics are from Justin Love. Slottette is using him to spread harassment with his pics. Read the caption on the 2nd pic. jt has every right to think everyone is a Slottette. They have been harassing her with many avis for a long time. But the caption is meant to make jt look bad even though it's from a Slottette secret avi.
Notice Ima Ditz in the room also.


Here's an irrelevant pic. Just shows Slottette talking about herself. :lol: :lol:

Just these few pics above show that their multiples are very social. The pics below show profile stuff showing they are not used solely for the games.

Here's one which obviously shows that this multi is a beggar and was causing problems.


Another beggar multi below.

Now below is a video of various profiles of theirs. Vid might not work for some people depending on your computer settings. It is mp4 format.

Now this should be enough to let people make an informed decision. Personally I would stay very far away from them. Anyone that doesn't want a big headache should be careful around them. I think it is quite clear in the main thread that they are deceitful and volatile.
Any decent person would be a fool to get involved in any way with these people.

We are marking this down as finished and proven.
This thread is open for posting for opinions and questions.
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Re: Making things easier to read

Post by exploring » Wed Jun 26, 2019 11:45 pm

well done my good man well done! it would be extra special nice though if you went ahead and posted every thing you have on these slugs. no mercy :evil: :evil: :twisted: :twisted:

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Re: Making things easier to read

Post by Trivial » Thu Jun 27, 2019 12:27 am

The thing about that is this---

Those of you that followed from the start knew I really dragged it out giving minimal proof the whole time. I know that 99% of liars cannot keep their stories straight for prolonged amounts of time. They played right into me.

So now I will let them change their stories then produce the evidence that they are lying again. It's best that they don't know my whole hand.

I am 100% positive that the Slottette saga isn't even close to over. There are big egos involved.

But thanks for enjoying .... I have


Re: Making things easier to read

Post by amazed » Sat Jun 29, 2019 12:52 am

From the way the slottettes ramble on in the vip about how bad this site is I see why now. They are trying to keep people from coming and seeing this. BAD BAD BAD characters. Off to rate the bad bad bad characters. btw this was as good as any mystery story lol

A Multette

Re: Making things easier to read

Post by A Multette » Mon Jul 01, 2019 7:57 am

#1 I NEVER said people were photoshopping pics. #2 The the forum PROVED nothing more than that you can hack into any Friends Only profiles that you want. Brent has always, told everyone that he has didn't "discover" or "expose" anything that Brent didn't say himself here & in VW. The profiles you posted PROVE nothing

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Re: Making things easier to read

Post by Trivial » Mon Jul 01, 2019 8:32 am

The post from A Multette above was moved from a window.

Let's try to show the Multettes what I proved.....

---- The other avis are used in a social manner contrary to what they said right from the start.
---- The other avis do in fact harass people
---- The other avis are very much seen contrary to what they said right from the start.

Pretty simple and all proven.

From some of the profile bios it's easy to see that they were written to deceive.

On top of all that just look how the multettes act in Stalkalot. I really can't imagine the torment they inflict on people they don't like in vw where they can get away with it.

Bottom line Multettes; you can smokescreen all you want but I exposed the truth and the avis (which Brent didn't say ). As a matter of fact I'm sure he said .... "I will never tell the names".

Now give your heads a shake and accept that people know the truth and more are knowing everyday. The only reason you are still in this site is because of me talking Stalkalot out of kicking you out. I believe everyone has a right to defend themselves when talked about but you just keep up the lies and abuse so even I'm close to doing this without you.

Here's a proposal.....
Let me interview you (both of you) . You will be able to get things out without being "attacked" and we will call all this finished. In other words... you will have the last say. Unless, of course, you let new reasons surface.


Re: Making things easier to read

Post by Guest » Wed Jul 03, 2019 9:57 pm

Just an update on the slottettes.

brent changed COLDSLOWNQUIET to C0LDSL0WNQUIET with zeros instead of o's (ohhhs)

and the original spelling shows a pic of him with a bunch of his avis.

I guess this is the way they are going to start repenting

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