Registration and Login

The main reason is you are most likely registered already. You may have forgotten or had name changes since we started the site a year ago.

In any case, please message or email us and we will fix you up. Maybe :)
No. When you register, the email field is optional. If you enter an email it makes it easier for you to change passwords often and retrieve forgotten passwords.
The main reason would be that you are using the wrong password or username.
If you entered an email upon registration just do a password reset and the email you receive will have your username in it.

If you didn’t provide an email you can message us your email and we will place it in the database (after we verify it’s really you)
If you entered an email when you registered (or you are claimed) it’s easy to fix.

Go to the login page and click the little “reset it here” link then enter your email.

If you didn’t enter an email when you registered then you need to message us your avi name and email address. We will enter it into the database and let you know that you can use the “reset it here” link.
Yes. What would a non vw member do in here??

Comments and Ratings

The site was made so players can show their real feelings about other players without getting harassed for doing it.

It is obvious that many players would make the game rough for anyone saying things about them. Even when it's true.
The ratings are a way to show how much you like or dislike an avi.

The captions are just for fun and are irrelevant.

Rate as you would anywhere else… max stars= best…..min stars= worst…and anywhere in between.

The hearts at the top of the windows are all ratings from everyone combined.
You can rate each avi once. However, you can change your rating any time but you can’t totally unrate a player.
The comments are players opinions and experiences about other players. You may not agree with them but you need to remember to respect them.

If the comment is totally ridiculous you can message us about it. We may or may not remove/edit it.
We try to keep the comments as informative as possible.
Positive comments are left alone but there are far too many negative garbage comments.

Remember that other players are reading the comments to see how avis act so give them good info…. Not just some cussing or arguing with other players in the comments.

Your negative comments on claimed avis will always be removed if not accompanied by photo proof


You do. Vw players add the names to the list.

Your friends, your enemies or anyone.
I think Mr Breezy Wabbit has started a class action lawsuit...join it.
This is a list of all avi names that have been added to our site. They are in alphabetical order.
These two lists show the best and worst avis from the full list.

Good list avis have a rating over 10 hearts.

Bad list avis have a rating under 4 hearts and also have been rated at least 5 times.
This list is made by vw players by rating and commenting.
A creep has over 5 ratings, has a rating less than 4 hearts, and has mostly negative comments.

There are many creeps of all sorts in vw so get rating them to warn others.
The alerts list is where you will find the extreme cases of bad behaviour.
Everything on this list has been proven.


On an avi window you will see some pretty closed eyes…. Click it to follow that avi. The eyes will be open when you are following and that avi will be listed in your My Page for quick access to check that avi.
There are many not so good players that would love you to not come here, so they spread that rumour and other rumours.

Facts are that we have been around for a well over a year with not so much as a complaint or allegation about being a scam site. We have 1000s of members. We don’t require any personal info whatsoever or any kind of payment and Google has approved our site.

Don’t take a sneaky snake creep's word for it. They just don’t want you to see how bad they really are.