Claim Your Avi

***New Claiming Procedure***

Seems it is time to reinstate claimg avis. Lots of trash talk going on without picture proof. Read carefully because the procedure has changed. Keep in mind that there are a few avis that can never be claimed because of overly excessive drama here.

Claiming has a dual purpose. For decent avis it is used for protection against trolling type comments and troublemakers.
For the not so decent avis it is a way to clean the slate and try to reform.
Claiming isn't for hiding.
It puts the burden of proof onto the commenter by forcing them to provide picture proof instead of just being a hater.

Get some extra perks.....
--All existing negative comments with or without pic proof will be removed from your window.
--All future negative comments on your window will need to have picture evidence.
--Claimed avis are allowed to post pics of pets or other things unrelated to VW.

How to claim.....NEW PROCEDURE
--Go to this site
--Get signed up.
--Create or Join a contest.
--Return to this site.
--Use this Message Form Put "claim" and the name you used at the other site in your message.
--We will clean up your avi window but it is up to you to let us know comments we miss going forward.

How to stay claimed.....
--You must acquire around 100 points monthly, in the Outfits site. Which is simple.
--Failure to do so will unclaim your avi and have all comments reinstated

If you have problems you can email us directly: [email protected]

Remember that people can post pics of you being rotten even when claimed. So don't be.

You don't need to be a member to claim your avi.