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Ms. Stalkalot: How long have you been on VW?

PHANTOMS REVENGE: Been on vw for about 4ish years now.

Ms. Stalkalot: How did you find VW?

PHANTOMS REVENGE: Lol how'd i find it... i think i was drunk one night n misspelled Las Vegas, lol couldn't tell ya forgot most of that night.

Ms. Stalkalot: There have been lots of claims being thrown around of you being several different avis..What do you say about that?

PHANTOMS REVENGE: I'd say yes i have more than one, made this one because i was scared lol not gunna go into that much. But yea i have only one other avi, i just tend to change names a lot. oops?

Ms. Stalkalot: Why do you think you are on the bad avi list?

PHANTOMS REVENGE: Honestly no idea, i'm kind, sweet, caring all warm n fuzzy haha. Got no idea anyone ever thought i was bad hahaha

Ms. Stalkalot: If you found a briefcase full of money, what would you do in each scenario?
Scenario 1: you saw the person forget the briefcase and he was already 2 blocks away.
Scenario 2: No one is around at all.

PHANTOMS REVENGE: scenario 1: grab the money n run... to the person who dropped it
scenario 2: pick it up and look inside myb take a lil of the top n then drop if off right back where i found it, trust me they'll come back for it.

Ms. Stalkalot: What is your greatest fear?

PHANTOMS REVENGE: My greatest fear oooo nothing. zero fear... ice in my veins lol. Big fear of mine is losing the person closest to me... already lost them once don't want to lose them again. And heights ohh fuckkk no on heights, wait are we allowed to swear? lol yall censor like vw does? lol

Ms. Stalkalot: If you could go back in time to change one thing, what would it be?

PHANTOMS REVENGE: If i could go back in time id go back to stop myself from makin this account haha

Ms. Stalkalot: Name one food you could not live without and why?

PHANTOMS REVENGE: Damn one food i couldn't live without hmmm easy cereal any kinda of cereal. god damn i'm like a fucking kid in a Candy store when it comes to cereal lol

Ms. Stalkalot: Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life?

PHANTOMS REVENGE: Who'd i have play me in my movie would probably be Stephen Amell

Ms. Stalkalot: If aliens abducted you for information about earth...what could they do to you that would be your breaking point?

PHANTOMS REVENGE: Ohh they better hope they don't lol yall think i'm messed up now wait till that happens lol. breaking point probably would be if they didn't have cereal... lol do anything for that shit

Ms. Stalkalot: Is there an avi that you find extremely troublesome? If so, what would you like to say to that avi?

PHANTOMS REVENGE: This is vw i find about 98% troublesome, some of the most troublesome what would i say to them? id say "yea ur husband bent over for me last night too" but i dont think that would do any good for anyone.. and it doesn't haha

Ms. Stalkalot: If you could change one thing in your VW life..what would that be?

PHANTOMS REVENGE: One thing id change prolly the amount of money n gems i got lol make it more? dont really want to change anything, already got everything i need

Ms. Stalkalot: Anything you would like to add for our readers?

PHANTOMS REVENGE: Oh i can add anything? hehehe cant believe y'all read that haha. oh and before i forget i love u babu ;)

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Causes you problems 4.2286
Seen causing problems 2.7429
Has a new "love" every week 2.6857
Great avi or what? 2.6857
Buys friends with gifts 3.0857
Cares about others 2.7429
Whispers random sexual stuff 2.9714
Is a beggar 3.3714
Acts different around different avis 2.6857
Sooo, what do you really think of PHANTOMS REVENGE? 2.6857