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Has a new "love" every week

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Buys friends with gifts

Cares about others

Whispers random sexual stuff

Is a beggar

Acts different around different avis

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Average rating: 3.8205 s
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Rated 39 times
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Probably best to just stay away from Bad420 because you will likely regret knowing them.
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Causes you problems 5.1282
Seen causing problems 4.4103
Has a new "love" every week 3.9487
Great avi or what? 4.2051
Buys friends with gifts 3.2308
Cares about others 3.6410
Whispers random sexual stuff 3.5385
Is a beggar 3.2821
Acts different around different avis 3.2308
Sooo, what do you really think of Bad420? 3.5897